travel diaries: one shoulder crush!

Today I've got some more fun photos from our time in Hawaii.  A few of you have asked what activities we did and what suggestions we have for a vacation on the Big Island. While we only did about HALF of what we wanted to do (the time went way too fast!), but I will pull together all my recommendations in a future post - I promise!  On to today's outfit...

I so badly wanted to hop on the off-the-shoulder trend, like I've mentioned about a million times before, but for some reason that trend just doesn't work for me.  When I found this cute one shoulder top... it felt like it was (and IS!) the perfect alternative to the off the shoulder trend.  It's super easy to wear and I can still move my arms (my number one complaint with off the shoulder tops) and for a super hot summer night... it's the perfect way to stay cool.  The night we took these photographs in Hawaii it was incredibly hot and humid - you can almost see the humidity in the air in these photos. It was the one night that we had that felt this hot and no surprise it ended up raining later in the evening (also our only night of rain - albeit sprinkles!).

This denim skirt was a big hit on my recent trip to Puerto Rico and it was again for this trip!  It's the perfect length (I went for the petite size) and it's a great alternative to denim shorts which I am admittedly not always in the mood for. Plus, it's so easy to dress up for a girls lunch or night out - I wore this look to the luau we attended in Hawaii.  The only thing I worried about all night was spilling my Blue Hawaii drink on it (wink, wink!) - but no white skirts were harmed that night, I'm glad to say!

I'm a huge fan of the bandana/handkerchief trend this spring and summer... but it doesn't always work around the neck - or hey, you may not be into that look, I get that! But it doesn't mean this trend isn't for you... instead think of it as a $10 upgrade to an existing handbag you own! I love the idea of tying a scarf on a bag for spring and summer and getting a whole new look out of it!  So easy!

Outfit Details:
Scarf - no longer available... here are tons of bandana options!