travel diaries: island adventures!

One of our favorite parts about our trip to the Big Island in Hawaii wasn't the beaches or the amazing shaved ice or the awesome fish tacos - it was exploring the island in our zippy little Jeep. We were in awe of all of the lava rock - which I think I have mentioned before - but oh my was there a lot of it! It was mesmerizing to look at and crazy to think that all that rock came down from the volcanos in the not too distant past. The lava lent a look and feel to the island that was rustic and mystic and I never got tired of looking at it. Add to that the volcanos always hiding behind clouds in the distance, and the sweeping views of the ocean while driving and it made for one of the most memorable experiences in my life.  There is just SO much open space on the Big Island and it really left and impression on me. 

This easy dress and espadrille combo was perfect for bopping around the island in.  Cool, comfortable and casual.  I couldn't resist picking up some kukui bead bracelets for a few dollars at a roadside stand and wore them almost constantly on our trip.  They were so quintessentially Hawaii to me. 

Outfit Details: