my everyday style: a night at the local fair!

One of our favorite family traditions every summer is to spend an evening at the local 4H fair.  It's hard to choose a favorite between the rides, the games, the food and the animals.  It's such a classic and unplugged type of fun that I feel like is rare for families these days.  We load up on all the junk food, pet all the baby (and big!) animals and in general have a good old fashioned time.  I can never get out of there without a huge strawberry lemonade and a funnel cake. YUM! And I'll be honest, the people watching is always pretty stellar.  We have a family rift on whether the elephant ears with cinnamon sugar are the clear "fair dessert" winner or the funnel cakes with powdered sugar takes the top place.  I grew up with funnel cakes, so those are my favorite.  What about you? What's your preference? Our family has some very strong opinions on the matter!

Simple basics like skinny jeans, sneakers and a simple button front top are the perfect outfit for nights out as a family.  You can never go wrong with the basics.  These button front jeans are a new favorite for fall... I can't wait to pair them with sweaters and ankle boots (especially with those fun distressed hems!).  But right now they are still perfect with tees and sandals.  I've had my eye on this top for a while and I had previously tried a broader stripe in the same cut, but found that the thinner stripe with this silhouette works better for me.  I love this top because it's perfect for now and you bet I will be layering it with jackets and cardigans come fall.

So what do you say? Funnel cake or elephant ear? Spill it!

Outfit Details:

Advanced Love: Pattie and John

“Pattie and John met a spiritual retreat and discovered that they had little in common. She’s an artist and, well, he wore mostly T-shirts and jeans. She took one look at him and joked, “Don’t dress up for me.” He’s been dressing up ever since, and she’s been allowing and sometimes learning from his penchant for analyzing people—his occupational hazard. They agree that what seals their deal is their ability to listen to and care for each other when they are troubled. And each time that happens, love and affection abound.” – Pattie and John

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