my everyday style: getting frilly!

I don't know what it is lately but I've been in a major white shirt moment.  Whenever I'm shopping or getting dressed the first thing I seem to be drawn to are white tops.  They are so easy to style that I guess it's for good reason.  Can we just talk about the SLEEVES on this baby? I can't even handle the cuteness here.  I absolutely love eyelet - but for some reason I don't own a ton of it. When I saw this top I fell in love - it's so comfortable and easy to wear (the sleeves are eyelet, but the rest of the top is t-shirt material) and really how just plain FUN is this for spring and summer? I can totally imagine it with some cut-off shorts too.  If you are SUPER into eyelet... I just found THIS top that is also super pretty. 

About 99% of the outfits I feature here are true to life to what I am wearing on a daily basis... that 1% includes striped tops and black jeans ad naseum.  If you think I wear stripes a lot on the blog, well, you should see me in real life! ;)  And I don't know why black jeans don't make the cut here on the blog more, but I wear them a lot in my day to day. They are so easy to throw on and I always feel like black jeans are so slimming and flattering. 

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