my everyday style: casual sneakers!

Somewhere along the way I have turned into a total sneaker person... yes of course I still love my flats and sandals, ankle boots and what have you. But the whole sneaker thing caught me by surprise. It started with these sneakers this past winter - which I still wear ALL the time, by the way, and has just continued right on with these sneakers into the spring and summer! I had been wanting a pair of Vans Slip-ons (there are so many fun colors to choose from!) for a while and couldn't find a pair I liked.  Turns out I just needed to go down a half size - so if you have found the sizing tricky in the past - that tip may work for you too. Or if you have never owned a pair of Vans and are sometimes between sizes, keep that in mind. They are the perfect shoes for bopping around town and let me tell you they earned me some serious street cred with my kids.  (both of whom are usually resistant to Vans, which in my opinion are the perfect, easy kid shoes... and now they both of them want a pair!)

I got this lace up top before we left on spring break and have been wearing it once or twice a week at a minimum.  Something about the fabric lays really nicely and I love the shorter, not quite 3/4 length, sleeves.  All around I find it super cute and super easy to wear - which is always a win in my book.  It's also available in navy, which looks like it's on sale right now.

And like I've mentioned before... my leather jacket is an absolute spring staple.  Paired with jeans and tee it pulls together any look and is ready for chilly spring mornings.  This one is so super old, but I found this super cute one with lots of size options for only $60! Might be time to snag one if you don't already have one you love.

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