instagram lately: hawaii!

This year our family visited Hawaii for spring break - talk about a trip of a lifetime! We have had Hawaii on our wishlist for a while but always seemed like something we would do 'later.'  I think we actually surprised ourselves booking the trip!  We knew nothing about any of the islands and randomly booked at the Big Island.  So many people looked at us weird because apparently Oahu and Maui are much more common islands to visit. But we are never the type to do what everyone else is doing and when we landed we knew the Big Island had our heart right away.  Not visiting the other islands, I can't speak to them - but the Big Island isn't very touristy, no high rises, tons of open space filled with lava rock (which is surprisingly beautiful) and is beautiful beyond words!   

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw some of our adventures... but I thought I would recap them here on the blog as well!

The pineapples in Hawaii are AMAZING. OH MY! It's like I had never had a pineapple before! It was the perfect afternoon snack or dessert in the evening.  I wore these shorts almost the entire trip! They are so comfy and relaxed and this sweater (I believe it's on sale!) was the perfect extra layer when the sun went down at night. Also, I was worried these sunglasses were too big... but I rocked them loud and proud the entire trip and loved them (or less expensive option here).

Again with these shorts... and this hat was a real winner all trip long too. I tried a few new sun products this trip.  The Supergoop sunscreen oil and the Supergoop face spray SPF. I liked (not loved) the sunscreen oil, but I am IN LOVE with the face spray.  The face spray smells amazing and feels really great on your skin. I highly recommend it. 

No shame here: we ate a TON of shaved ice in Hawaii. It's my absolute favorite and hard to find in West Michigan.  I wore a lot of long sleeve light weight oxford-type tops the entire trip. I love that they are easy to throw on over a bathing suit and are a light weight protection from the sun also. 

We found the cutest road-side stand selling pineapple, mangos and bananas from their farm along with (more) shaved ice and fresh chilled coconuts to drink out of. I was basically in heaven.  Also these kekui nut bracelets (and necklaces) were for sale all over the island. And of course I had to snag a few! They are so beautiful and shiny! These were $4 a piece, but I saw them for as low as $2.50 a piece in stores. They were the perfect little souvenir to bring home. 

Hanging out on our back lawn and drinking wine spritzers was a daily occurrence in the late afternoons. This dress (under $25!) was perfectly easy to throw on after a day in the sun. I will feature my 'vacation' wine spritzer recipe later this week on the blog! Oh and these sandals got a ton more wear this trip too...

I randomly picked up this pineapple float for the kids and I to play with in the pool... I had no idea it would be SO LARGE and also that pineapples would end up basically being the theme of our trip! We all had such a fun time playing on it all week. (find my suit top & bottom here)

I am SO missing these aqua blue waters.

This one sleeved top was fun to wear to dinner one night. It's super cute and easy to wear. I paired it with shorts but it would be cute with skirts and jeans too! (shop my shorts, similar Loren Hope bracelet & earrings)

I hope you enjoyed my Hawaii instas! Stay tuned to the blog for lots more fun outfits I captured in Hawaii that didn't make it to Instagram...