Altough in general I was always more of a CMYK person.

I've been organising, kind of, as in trying to, which rather means: looking at and going trough things at home that have been packed in boxes; drawings and sketches and paintings from my art school years. And then I thought about those years. And then I watched this and thought about art school some more.

I like the red one best.


Heya internet!
Long time no see.

 Yesterday both dag & dad went to the barber shop to get their hairs cut for vacation mode.

 This little fella is turning five in four days and he's wearing a lion shirt that I sew him the other day.

Afterwards we went out in the sunhine to zip milkshakes from Kitty's Milkshake Bar (the best).

And hanged out by the orbs in Hietalahti.

And now it's off to Spain with the whole family, boys and girlfriends and bags and what not. Sangria and sunshine here I come!