finding your Perfect Fit beauty products this fall!

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Fall is finally here and with the chilly mornings and evenings I have already started noticing that my skin and my hair is significantly drier lately.  Here in the Midwest, we are settling in for the long haul of winter and with that comes the need for so serious beauty products to add to my arsenal.  Frizzy hair and dry and cracked hands are the two problems I deal with the most during the cooler months.  So when Rite Aid challenged me to find my "perfect fit" for all over beauty with Aveeno skin care and OGX hair care products I knew just what I needed to stock up on for the next few months.

Like I mentioned, I get the worst dry skin on my hands and cuticles and I find that I am constantly putting lotion on during the day.  I recently picked up the Aveeno Skin Relief and was amazed that I can put it on one time in the morning and my hands stay soft and moisturized all day. Seriously! All day! I've been keeping this product right on my desk to apply as soon as I sit down to my computer to work for the day. I felt like I had truly tried all the hand creams without really finding one I loved - until this one. I can't say how impressed I am with this product.  I also keep the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion on hand for after I shower or before bed to make sure my skin is staying as fresh as possible. And I can already tell I will be using both these products with my kids this winter too!

I'm also pretty over the moon about the OGX Argan Oil Healing Dry Oil for my hair right now.  I try not to treat my hair with heat everyday, but the days that I don't I end up with some pretty serious frizz action. You can put a few pumps of this treatment on dry or wet hair (I prefer dry) and it mimics the smooth feeling that I can usually only get from a flat iron or a curling iron.  I'm hooked! The coconut version smells like vacation (uh, yes please!) and is a little lighter weight which is perfect for using when your hair is wet.

Right now you can buy one and get one at 50% off for all Aveeno products with your Plenti card, which makes it the perfect time to stock up before winter. And for the OGX products if you spend $20 on OGX products with your Plenti card you can earn 800 bonus Plenti points which really adds up for future saving! If you haven't signed up for a Plenti card yet, you really should - it's easy and free! You can earn points at several participating retailers like Rite Aid, Macy's, Hulu, Exxon and Expedia to earn points on items you already buy.  Then you can "spend" those points on great beauty purchases like these in the future!

the October beauty edit!

Along with introducing the new series The Monthly Edit (you can read the first installment here) I am also launching a monthly series on all things beauty.  Beauty was never something I thought I would be blogging about or ever something I thought I would get SO many questions on from my readers. But the more I talk about beauty on Instagram or Instagram Stories or even here on the blog... the more you gals want!  I'm always paying attention to what works and what doesn't as far as posting and now it's a no-brainer why this is something that matters to you gals. And it matters to me more than ever too.

We aren't getting any younger!  And while I don't feel my age... let's be honest, there are signs creeping up that I may look it.  My skin wrinkles easier, my hair seems a touch thinner than it was in my 20s, somehow at almost 40 I still battle breakouts (why!?!?) but my skin takes longer to bounce back and the list goes on. Beauty matters because these days women are taking amazing care of their bodies, they are clued in to trends and style more than the generation before us was at our age and we want our skin and face to keep up the pace!  Aging gracefully is on everyone's mind these days.  Including mine.   This monthly series will keep you up to date on what I am using, trying, loving, and maybe even not loving!  Let me know how you like this post, and what beauty-wise you would like to see more of in the future.

Lemon water has all sorts of benefits and for me, less breakouts is one of them. Lately I've been taking mine with with collagen proteins.  This is a daily ritual I never skip.

L'Oreal Root Cover-up has been a life saver as I'm struggling with grey hairs popping up between trips to the salon big time.  This stuff WORKS! One warning is it can come off on lighter shades of nail polish if you touch your scalp.  So be careful!  I've also heard from readers that Bumble and Bumble or Oribe make great options that cost a little more, but that won't ruin nails (if that's a concern for you).  

I have recently purchased Kristin Ess' Shampoo & Conditioner and Texture Spray.  I'm not sure if the shampoo and condition are my all time favorites, but they do smell so, so amazing!  The texture spray is a clear winner though and I love using it!

BeautyCounter Mini Trio of Face Oils (the set is available for a limited time and only $21!) After a rough summer for my skin I am back to using a facial oil regularly.  #3: Balancing Oil works wonders on my skin.  If the words facial and oil together scar you, I promise you your skin will thank you.  You just need to use the tiniest amount and watch your skin be transformed. 

Dusty pink nail polish is my go-to for a lighter fall manicure color.  I love this ooh la lace nail polish -   it's the perfect fall pink.

Do you brush your hair? I find I only really comb it after a shower.  Recently I started using my Aveda Hair Brush before bed. It is such a relaxing way to end the day and I feel like my hair is shinier and more full of life.

If you've never tried the Juice Beauty Apple Peel you need to.  Like I mentioned, my summer skin was needing a reset big time this fall. This peel is one of the best you can get without going to a professional. I highly recommend it. 

6 facial masks I love and how I use them!

Gals!  That's a wrap, summer 2017 is officially in the books!  It's so hard to believe.  It flew by... but I've got a few extra freckles and some dull skin to prove it... of course, along side lots of fun memories we made as a family.  But still.  It's officially time to get this face under control.  I am contemplating a laser this fall and I will likely be getting a professional facial in the very near future. But in the meantime, I absolutely love at-home masks for a lot of reasons and I think they are 100% great at fixing up your skin quickly and easily for less money than professional treatments.

My philosophy on beauty has really shifted over the past 10 years from just grabbing something at the drugstore and calling it good to really branching out and being willing to invest in my face.  Of course, part of that is because my face is so closely tied my business as a blogger - but also because as I get closer to 40 years old I can really tell the difference that high quality products make on my skin.  Wrinkles, creases, blemishes, sun spots and combination skin are all realities and I am working to keep my face in its best shape for as long as I can! Below I am going to dish on my 6 favorite masks, why I love them and when I use them!

Perricone MD, Chloro Plasma*... I have raved about this mask on my blog before here.  And now that I've used this entire jar (sob!) I can attest for the power of this one.  It's great if you are feeling oily or dealing with blemishes.  It soothes and cools down the skin is the best way I can describe it.  You can use it all over your face, or sometimes if I have a blemish or my t-zone is feeling oily I will only treat the areas needed.  I need to re-stock on this one asap!

Herbivore Pink Clay... this exfoliating mask is indulgent AND it works.  Plus I love that it's pink! If you haven't tried a powder mask before they are a little tricky to use the first time, but once you get the hang of it you will love this one.  This is another great one for dull skin that seen too much sun.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel*... if you are a frequent mask user and you are ready to take your masking to the next level, this one is awesome.  Use it sparingly and for a short time to start and see how your skin reacts.  This is a mild peel but still QUITE powerful.  Your skin will feel fresh and youthful when you are done. (if you've never tried Juice Beauty products before I recommend this sample set, I use and love all of these and you can try them out for less money)

Perricone MD Firming Foam Mask*... have you tried a foam mask yet? They are the newest craze and are pretty fun!  You rub them on your face and they turn to foam on your skin.  I'm not sure if this makes my skin firmer, but the foam is fun and it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean in a good way.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant*... Technically this isn't a mask, but it earns a spot here because this scrub is awesome. I don't do lots of scrubs, but when I do... this is my favorite.  It's in a powder form and you mix it with a few drops of water to turn it into a paste.  The cool thing with this is that if you aren't into scrubs or your skin is more sensitive you can make the scrub as thick or thin as you like. (this one comes in a convenient travel size too!)

Beautycounter Purifying Charcoal Mask... I gravitate to the all natural products as much as I can, especially when they honest to goodness work.  Charcoal is another hot trend in beauty right now and this mask delivers. It's another great option for oily or blemish prone skin and I love how tight it makes your skin feels (granted, it's a little messy in the bathroom).

What masks or treatments do you love? I would enjoy hearing what some of your favorites are right now. Or feel free to ask any questions in the comments if you want more information about how to use them, etc.

*Please note, these items were sent to me free of charge by the brand. I get TONS of products for PR purposes these days, but I don't LOVE or blog about them all. Only the ones I truly start incorporating into my regime.